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Photography packages including First 48, Maternity, Newborn and Family Photography

SESSIONS & Packages

Choose from our full selection of maternity, newborn, & family life photography sessions to capture your unique story.

Each offering below is based on a recommended number of hours for the type of photography. We can also customize the number of hours for a right fit for you.


À la Carte Sessions

Sessions are priced for an à la carte experience, with the session and photos purchased separately. Session fees are listed below.

After your session, you'll receive a link to an online gallery where you can choose the images you'd like to purchase – either as digital downloads or prints.

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Newborn Session

This session captures those precious first days at home with your newborn. It’s a time full of wonder and new challenges as you begin life with your new family member and they begin to discover their new world around them.

You’ll have plenty of time for cuddles and kisses, feedings and diaper changes. We’ll capture a glimpse of your day-to-day during this time, and plenty of sweet bonding moments between you and baby and as well as other family members.  

3 hours | $250 session fee + à la carte pricing for images + prints

Maternity Session

With this session, we’ll celebrate your body’s incredible transformation, beauty, and strength during your pregnancy. This shoot has the flexibility to be what you want it to be – sweet, earthy, sensual, spiritual. Whatever you’re feeling, we’ll capture your pregnancy’s unique experience and vibe.  

And we’ll help you find a setting where you feel comfortable, inspired, and powerful, whether that’s enjoying a favorite spot in nature or relaxing in the intimacy of your home.

Feel free to do a solo session, invite your partner, bring your baby’s older siblings in to play, or do all of the above. You’ll also have time for a wardrobe change so you can play with showing off your new belly and body.

1.5 hours | $175 session fee + à la carte pricing for images + prints

Family Life Session: Sketches

This quick session is perfect for young kiddos who love to move and play. Instead of strict poses (and tears) we’ll capture fun memories of your family playing and spending time together.

Get ice cream, play tag at the park, pick blueberries at a local farm, jump in autumn leaves, make snow angels. Celebrate the vibrant energy, giggles, and delight of being together. We’ll even get some great shots for your holiday card or to send to gifts for the grandparents!

1 Hour | $150 session fee + à la carte pricing for images + prints

Most Popular

Family Life Session: Full Palette

This session is our most popular. Imagination is the only limitation on what it can be! 

Relax at home, or choose a favorite location or activity. Enjoy bath time, cook a meal together, play with dinosaurs, gather eggs from the chicken coop. We’ll have time to watch for everyday moments and capture them in a fresh, natural way — your two years old’s tantrum, an overly-loved stuffed animal, the art on your sidewalk, a child’s unique way of kissing. And we always find time for some (stress-free) traditional portraits.

This is also the perfect session for when relatives come to visit and you want to get everyone together at the river or the beach. We’ll have time to commemorate the gathering, and if it's warm enough, maybe even jump in the water! 

2 Hours | $200 session fee + à la carte pricing for images + prints



Our packages below are specially designed to provide you with memorable photos of your family's experience!

First-Year Milestones Photography Package

Your baby goes through so many changes during their first year! Wiggling, crawling, cruising, playing. Remember your baby at their cuddliest with three sessions within their first 10 days, six months and one year. Newborn Sessions typically last 2.5–3 hours so you’ll have plenty of time for feedings and diaper changes. Six Month and One Year Sessions are usually around 1 hour. Additional time can be scheduled for $50/hour. Capture these milestone moments in the location of your choice.

This package includes…

  • 1 Newborn Session (3 hours), 1 Six-Month Session (I hour), 1 One-Year Session (I hour) or Custom Made

  • Private online proof gallery to select from, with 15 finished, high-resolution images of your choice from each session (45 total). 

  • Thumb drive with your chosen selections from each milestone including both color and black & white, high and low-resolution files, and print release.

  • Additional digital image files can be added for $30/each. 

$1,400 session fee includes 45 digital downloadable images + à la carte pricing for additional images + prints ($170 savings!)

The First 48

This three-hour photography package offers you a glimpse into the brand newness of your newborn during their first 48 hours of life. We’ll get a game plan to talk about what you want and we’ll stay in communication once you go into your birthing time.

$575 session fee which includes $250 in credit towards prints or downloadable image files