Good Vibes


Good vibes

Kallyn's bright spirit and calm presence brought so much love to the birth of my daughter. She helped my husband stay calm at times when I was losing my focus. Thanks to her, we had the birth we dreamed of. The photographs, from the moment she was born, captures the true beauty and miracle of Life.  I will cherish them forever. - Alexis

We can't thank you enough for all you did to help prepare us and bring our little boy into the world. We are so fortunate that fate would have us meet at just the right time in our lives. You are an amazing person anyone would be lucky to have you as their doula. You were made for it! Thank you again for everything -- your knowledge, support, love and friendship -- and we wish you well in all of your future doula adventures!  - Theresa

We can't even begin to tell you how grateful we are that you were here to help us welcome Matthew into our lives. You were so amazing and supportive throughout the whole labor. We know we couldn't have done this without you. Thank you for helping us follow through with our birth plan and have a drug-free birth. We love and appreciate you.  - Sarah 

Kallyn is the most giving and loving person you will ever have in your life. She draws you in and makes you feel so comfortable from the moment you meet her. It was so reassuring having her with me while I labored with my second son. One of my most vivid memories of the labor was having her warm hand rubbing my hip. I think my husband was relieved to have the pressure off him a little, too! And the photographic memories Kallyn has created for our family, from birth and beyond, are just incredible.  - Lisa

Kallyn is undoubtedly blessed with the gift of photography. Her unique perspective not only captures the authenticity of the moment, but the very essence of the person being photographed...and in my case, this included the precious soul essence of my baby Galileo while still warm inside my tummy. She meets the moment with compassion, ease, and gentleness, creating a safe and cozy 'anywhere' environment worthy of relaxation, self-confidence, and consequently, photographic truth. What a blessing to experience the joy that radiates from Kallyn's gifted heart and hands. I'm one lucky mamma for having been touched by her camera love.  -Betsy

Kallyn is beyond wonderful. Words can't say enough about this beautiful lady! Not only was she my doula, but she is now my friend. She was there every step of the way and knew exactly what I needed before I even asked. A true angel! The photography she and her husband did for me was simply amazing and I will cherish those photos forever. Heart in Hands Doula Services and Photography is the perfect package.  - Candace

Kallyn delivered our baby in our home, when our midwife could not get there in time. And this is just one way that she helped us become a loving family of five! From the moment I met her, I was calmed by the sparkle in her eyes. She truly helped my whole family to become excited about the birth, even as I worried that my husband and I weren't prepared to welcome another child (our third). She took the time to visit us several times before the birth, allowing us to pause and really savor the amazing moments of pregnancy. She calmed us during labor and, when it became obvious that the baby was coming fast, guided us through the delivery with so much love and care. We are incredibly grateful that we were able to experience such a safe, beautiful birth with Kallyn's expert help. She is much more than a doula to us now and I feel lucky to have found her at just the right moment in my life!  - Rebecca

Kallyn came into our lives at just the right time, and walked joyfully with us through a most sacred time. When our journey together began, her enthusiasm for my pregnancy outweighed mine. Then through spending time together processing and visioning our birth, her positivity was contagious. Her reverence for birth encouraged me on my hardest days. She inspired me to settle into the sacredness of my body's transformation and power. She made me feel beautifully pregnant during our sweltering hot photo session, creating stunning images we will cherish forever. Kallyn is truly called to helping women and families through their birth journey, and we are blessed to have been loved by her.   - Katie

Kallyn's photos are so incredibly beautiful. She did a session the day after my son was born with the grandparents and also did a newborn session for us later. The photos she took I will treasure forever. The day of the newborn shoot both of my children were not cooperative, she not only was able to get my three year old to sit for the camera but has a magical way with calming babies. She took the most beautiful photos in difficult circumstances and I am so incredibly grateful. Kallyn is not just an amazing photographer and artist, but an amazing spirit. We were so blessed to be able to have her take these photos. I could not recommend her more highly!   - MK