Welcome to Heart in Hands!

My name is Kallyn Boerner and I am a DONA-certified birth doula, postpartum doula, certified lactation counselor, professional photographer, wife, sister, daughter, friend and lover of life!  I am a part of a group of documentary photographers – ncbirthcollective.com – who take great pleasure in capturing the quiet, the tender and the intensity of birth. I am thrilled and honored to be teamed up to support families at Emerald Doulas who deeply believe it is a privilege to protect the space around a birthing woman for her to feel safe, secure and loved allowing her to birth in her own powerful way.

Why Use a Doula?

When knowledge and experience is there for a mama, wrapped in a care package of reassurance and encouragement, the process of birth opens itself up to unleash the current of connection between mama and baby.

Once a safe, trusting and loving environment is established, then the labor of love begins. The quality of being guided on what to expect and how to handle the unexpected in a way that supports both mother and partner helps create the calmness that is needed for the hours ahead. The relaxation that the mother is able to engage in assists with lowering anxiety, allowing for deeper breathing as well as positioning and movement.

With all the intensity and excitement that come with birthing, fears can arise quickly. Doulas provide a consistent and calm environment with their experience, knowledge and presence. The mama and partner benefit greatly from that lessening of anxiety as doulas can take the pressure off the partner by offering information and allowing the two of them to connect stronger on a more emotional level and enjoy the birthing experience. 

Research shows that the mama's ability to cope with pressure improves with the presence of a doula along with her ability to be successful breastfeeding her newborn. It is my sole purpose as a doula to help create an atmosphere where the mama and her partner feel the most empowered.

In your service,