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Kallyn, a former photojournalist, currently runs a photography business with her loving spouse, is a birth & postpartum doula, as well as a warm-hearted soul who loves joining you on your journey to capture the magic in your family's experience – especially the unpredictable! 

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We cannot rave enough about Alex and Kallyn. Their photo session is transformative, our family photos literally look alive with joy and love. Their training as photojournalists really seals the deal - sure we posed some, to get “the holiday card shot”, but in between those moments they captured us living as we actually do. My sweet family is on film roughhousing, delighting in a cookie, nursing the baby. As my husband said of a photo they took in which I have my kid on my shoulders and her hair is streaming and we are both laughing: “man, that looks like a photo in a magazine.” Exactly!!

- Kathleen N.